INNESS(英尼斯)品牌创立灵感源于19世纪后半期充满浪漫主义诗意的现实主义风景画家Georege Inness(乔治.英尼斯)的创作精神。英尼斯注重自然与其内在精神的交流,他认为这种精神可以完美地激起所有人与自然交流的动机,他的创作是受到自然激起情感的创作。

INNESS brand was founded inspired by the creative spirit of half of romanticism poetic realism landscape painter in the 19th century Georege Inness. Innis focus on natural exchanges with their inner spirit, he believes that this spirit can be the perfect arouse the motivation of all communion with nature, his creation is creation by natural arouse emotions.

Being Inspired from Nature and to express beauty in details, elegantly and naturally, the peace from INNESS furniture makes
your life full of warmth, and you will be attached to it.

Wood represents a natural, a kind of life.
It is not the external scene, but the soul of the landscape.
To achieve a natural and inherent spirit of echo is also the pursuit of Innis brand.